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Avatar - The Last Airbender Alphabet

$12.00 each


294W x 294H
19,21" x 17,71" (269 x 248 stitches)

This is a digital PDF file of a cross stitch pattern. You will need to have a PDF reader (like Adobe Reader) to view or print the pattern. The pattern includes:
- full color chart with symbols
- DMC floss legend

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A=Aang, B=Bato, C=Combustion Man, D=The Duke, E=Elua, F=Fong, G=Gyatso, H=Hakoda, I=Iroh, J=Jet, K=Katara, L=Long Feng, M=Mai, N=Noren, O=Ozai, P=Pipsqueak, Q=Qin, R=Roku, S=Sokka, T=Toph, U=Ursa, V=Vachik, W=Wan Shi Tong, X=Xin Fu, Y=Yue, Z=Zuko